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John and Willy Heffner


John and Willy Heffner


If you live in the Waterloo Region your life has likely been touched by the philanthropic work of John and Willy Heffner, the brothers behind Heffner Toyota and Heffner Lexus.

In the past year they have supported over 100 events and not-for-profit companies! They focus on enhancing the lives of local residents, especially children and families in crisis. They are also big supporters of the arts. John and Willy were the first to step forward to get behind the library’s vision for a state-of-the-art digital media lab and audio production facility. This would become Heffner Studio.

“I guess our love for the arts goes back to childhood, listening to our grandfather playing accordion in the family home where Centre in the Square now sits. We saw the joy very early on that music could bring to life” says John.

The Heffner’s support of audio production and digital media at the library was the turning-point for this project. Through their leadership and generosity, hundreds of hours of audio and digital content is produced in Heffner Studio each month, giving the users a means to share their talents with the community and the world.


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