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Tom and Liz Motz


Tom and Liz Motz


The Motz family is well-known throughout the region as their roots date back to the mid 1800’s and include the ownership of the local newspaper for 150 years.

Tom Motz and his wife Liz have long been active supporters of the community.  Tom is continuing a tradition started by his great, great grandfather of working tirelessly to support St. Mary’s General Hospital in various roles.

Tom and Liz have raised two sons with the gift of music that has enriched all of their lives to this day.  This, combined with Tom’s love of the recording process led them to support the Heffner Studio.  "To this day, the process by which groups like the Beatles and Steely Dan created their sonic masterpieces fascinates and inspires me.  Making the technology available for anyone in our community to do likewise for free in Heffner Studio really resonated with Liz and me," says Tom.

From recording poetry and podcasts to audio books and music the breadth and depth of what the Motz family have made possible in Heffner Studio will likely fascinate and inspire us all for years to come.


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